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A committed & conscious community full of loving, caring and impactful people.

Sarah, one of our colivers guests


“Das Co-Living in der Oase war sehr inspirierend und tiefgehend auf allen Ebenen - ob eine Vitalisierung des Alltagslebens, ein Ankurbeln des Elans oder der benötigte kreative Input für eine neue berufliche Ausrichtung”


Living by principles

We asked AI, why it is important to live by principles and we cannot agree more:

"Living by principles is essential because they provide guidance and direction in life. They act as a moral compass, helping us make decisions that align with our values and beliefs. Principles promote consistency, integrity, and trustworthiness, as we stay true to ourselves and our convictions. When faced with challenges, principles offer resilience and adaptability. They simplify decision-making and reduce stress by providing clarity. Living by principles also positively influences others and fosters personal growth. By adhering to ethical principles, we can make responsible and fair choices. Ultimately, living by principles gives our lives purpose and meaning, leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven existence."

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