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A Holistic



What we love

"Image of the three founders of oamo concept, sitting together and smiling in front of a colorful background. From left to right: Timo, Günni & Jasmin"


conscious and high vibrating environment


committed and likeminded communities


guidance and inspiration

We thank our amazing community!

We've closed our first location on Tenerife, but this is just the beginning!
Stay tuned for exciting new projects! 
More than 150 people joined us and more will follow.



thank you

for one year of shared moments and co-creation

thank you

for being a part of our journey from the very beginning

thank you

for your love, meaningful connections, and the transformative experiences many of you and us had.

"Oamo coliving space in tenerife, showing a serene and welcoming environment with spacious rooms, natural surroundings, and amenities that promote comfort and relaxation."

Living in Harmony

we build oases and communites

An oasis where it all comes together. A holistically healthy lifestyle, a collective of high vibe individuals and a wellness oasis that is able to offer every potential needed for a sustainably healthy, productive and joyful lifestyle, which enables you to thrive.


Technical University of Munich. TUM. technische Universität München
Stanford University
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