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Experience a holistic way of well-being

Your experience at oamo will transform you on every level of your life. The approach behind our concept is intended to relieve you from your everyday worries, so you can take your precious time to learn, focus and grow. Our services include high-quality rooms in a spacious villa, drink water supply, property maintenance, cleaning and a unique community management which will simultaneously involve, relieve and transform you.

Your experience at oamo will influence you on many levels of your life. The approach behind our concept is intended to relieve you from everyday worries, so you can take your precious time to learn, focus and grow.

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We are convinced that our holistic well-being experience will influence your life and create a long-lasting and sustainable impact.

We bring it all together: Physical exercise, yoga, healthy nutrition, new routines, social interactions, celebrations, ceremonies, focused work sessions, meditations, coachings, hikes, mind-expanding activities, communal meals, relaxation, moments of retreat, workshops and inspirational talks.


well-being week


Fitness Class

Guided Meditation

Sharing Ceremony

Group Yoga Class

Our culture

The way we live and think is influenced by every single member of our community. Co-creation is the basis of our culture that you experience at oamo. It encompasses many areas of life and is constantly expanded through different perspectives and impulses from new and returning members.

Transform your Body

transform your body

We offer you a variety of areas for fitness, yoga, breath work and cold therapy paired with a wide network from osteopathy and physio to massage experts (exclusive services)

Reinvent your business

reinvent your business

Take your projects to the next level by utilizing our Innovation Space, B2B partner program and the networking effects of our wonderful community

Evolve your Mind

evolve your mind

Let our specially designed meditation areas, meditation repository and culture of open non-violent communication inspire you to daily mental practices

Make new connections and create community

make new connections

Keep reinventing yourself, growing and evolving through the exchange with inspiring, like-minded people. Be amazed at what the oasis has in store for you

Healthy live and food

eat & live healthy

Free your body from the toxins of conventional diets and be inspired to prepare creative dishes from our regional, healthy, mainly plant based organic food supply

Celebrate yourself, mindfulness

celebrate yourself

Enjoy the process of life by celebrating successes and special occasions of our community, such as birthdays, new years eve and other events

How can I join?

We believe in the power of the law of attraction.

If you feel the desire to join us, we consider it the right decision.

That's why we no longer engage in traditional "selection" and interviews.

Instead, we embrace radical inclusivity, convinced that every individual brings surprises and valuable learning experiences for us.

If you wish to learn more about us, don't hesitate to reach out.

We welcome the opportunity to connect, have a conversation, and address any inquiries you may have.

When you book a stay at our beautiful oasis in Tenerife, you become a part of our vibrant community, connecting with like-minded individuals.

Together, we can seize this unique opportunity to connect, share, and grow."

Why should I join?

With booking your spot at oamo you will experience more than just a conventional co-living. Our holistic well-being concept includes key components for a transformative journey towards a stress-free, healthy, productive and sustainable life.​ In order to inspire and support you on your personal journey, we offer holsitic well-being weeks  which include classes in meditation, fitness, yoga and social activities such as sharing ceremonies. We dive into topics of wellness, visualization, alchemy, nutrition, physio and much more. Furthermore we provide you with a 7000 qm property which is specifically designed to provide you with various opportunities for an effective and playful integration. In addition to our lovingly prepared property, you will benefit from a unique community management, which takes care of all the food supply with premium food from permacultures of the region.

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