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Reinventing tomorrow's world of living
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Creating the next stage of communities

We connect, support and inspire people to evolve themselves, as well as their environment. By creating experiences based on a holistic health approach, we enable people and communities to live harmoniously, consciously and joyfully.

The start of our journey

It all started as a small trip. As we just wanted to escape the cold winter in Germany during the pandemic. Wanting to live and work together instead of sitting alone at home, we decided to leave the country and live together on the beautiful island Tenerife. This marked the start of a great journey.

Günther Schott, Jasmin-Chiara Bauer, Timo Klarer. Three founders of the vibrant living concept, sitting in front of the property with smiles on their faces and arms crossed. They are dressed in casual attire and exude a sense of warmth and approachability."

Best of two worlds

As oamo we aim to master the balance of life


In doing so, we move between alternative and established approaches and thrive to learn from different perspectives, opinions and philosophies.



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Balance through values

We have defined key values that form the basis of our philosophy. These values represent our approach to reunite life and work, in a way which is beneficial for the individuum as well as the collective. We believe that this approach represents an excellent basis for a sustainable evolution of the way we live and work globally. Joy is at the center of everything we do. It is the glue which is needed to merge all of our values to a symphony and is therefore evident in all the projects we create.








Experience a transformative journey based on our core values


The story of oamo

The time we spent together with our community on Tenerife was a time of personal transformation.

All of us have experienced tremendous growth during our stay, professionally and personally. This is exactly what makes our hearts beat faster. It drives us to do our best to share this experience. 

Meet the team

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