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Community Concept - Fall / Winter 23'

Hola beautiful people! We're happy to welcome you back to our final community living phase in 2023. It's been a wild ride with many ups and downs thus far. Ultimately, we've decided not to continue with our rental agreement and will be closing our beautiful venue in November.

Before we bid farewell, we want to go out with a "big bang" and celebrate the last few weeks with you!

Get ready for 7 weeks filled with joy, inspiration, collaboration, connection, and innovation!

We're in high spirits! We've put together a holistic well-being package for you so you can fully experience weeks of enjoyment.

What is new?

For the last few weeks, you can only book weekly stays. We've defined fixed arrival and departure days (Thursdays) to ensure low fluctuation and minimal distractions during the week. We're also committed to keeping the group together for at least 7 days, so you can get to know each other and start vibing :) If you decide to stay for 4 weeks or longer, you'll get a 10% discount!

Additionally, we've decided to offer room rentals only - not individual beds. This means you'll book a private room for yourself, but you can choose whether to share it with a friend, partner, or someone else :) You're free to share your cozy space as well as the costs. If you prefer solitude and privacy, you'll receive a 15% discount on single rooms!

What is included?

By booking your well-being week, you'll enjoy the following services:

  1. Your private room, including weekly cleaning service

  2. 1x Group Yoga Class (once a week)

  3. 1x Fitness Class (once a week)

  4. 1x Participation in our weekly Sharing Ceremony (once a week)

  5. 1x Guided Group Meditation (once a week)

What's NOT included?

  • Food

  • Cars

  • Costs for activities

  • Extras, such as coaching, 1x1 sessions, etc.

  • Merch

  • Equipment like surfboards, tennis rackets, etc.

How do we manage these points?

Food and Cooking:

We organize meals for everyone, but they're not included in the regular pricing. To streamline this process, we operate a community budget. Each person contributes 110€ per week at the start of their well-being week. This covers two meals per day along with all the food and non-alcoholic drinks we provide. If you dine out, we'll refund 5€ per meal. For those with higher food needs (e.g., athletes, those eating 3-4 meals daily), the price is 145€ per week. We trust that you'll select the correct pricing for yourself.

Car Organization:

For this community phase, we're not arranging cars as we did before. Instead, we kindly ask you to create small groups and arrange shared transportation. Our volunteers will use the oamo car for basic grocery shopping.

Cleaning Service:

A cleaning service visits weekly to tend to rooms and common areas. While we're committed to maintaining cleanliness, remember that living as a shared community requires everyone to keep spaces tidy, especially the kitchen after cooking.

Community Gatherings:

We believe in fostering connections, which is why we organize a BBQ on Fridays and a Community Brunch on Sundays. During the day, individuals cook for themselves. At night, we coordinate small cooking and cleaning groups. Each member contributes by cooking at least once a week. We're here to create an unforgettable experience for you. Additionally, we sometimes host small parties on weekends and organize exciting hiking trips. Tenerife has a lot to offer, from surfing and kite surfing to rafting and more.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.

See you soon <3 Team oamo

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