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Community Hub

"You can't buy happines, but you can sign up for it"

Sarah P.

  • oamo online community

    For all (future) oamo inhabitants
    Free Plan
    • Access to your oamo online community hubPriority booking for
    • 1x Online live meditation + recordings of the meditations
    • 1x Online live sharing ceremony (limited to 30 people)
    • Personal and professional community network effects
    • Priority booking for community living periods
    • BONUS: Exclusive discounts
    • Access to future workshops and skillbuilding sessions
    • Impulses, co-creation events & connection
    • ... and much more

What you get on a monthly basis

  • Access to your oamo online community

  • Exclusive access to oamo merch (unique pieces)

  • 1x Online live sharing circle limited to 30 people (otherwise more sessions)

  • 1x Online live meditation + recording

  • Priority booking for our oamo community living

  • Network, various rooms with impulses, co-creation & connection

  • BONUS: 1x Live expert talk + Q&A

  • ... and more (Access to future workshops, panel talks and skill building sessions)

Discover the unique Rooms of the oamo Village

Join this amazing network of like-minded people

Secure your community membership plan at the current price of 11€ (please note that prices will increase in the future). This exclusive membership is specifically designed for community members who have already experienced the oasis on Tenerife. By becoming an online community member, you gain access to our virtual space, where we come together to connect, inspire, and grow. Explore the diverse rooms that we have created for you and discover all opportunities. Share and discover educational movies and books in our cozy Living Room with other Community Members. Get more information about the oamo network and connect with like-minded individuals that you haven't met yet. Contribute your favorite recipes to our community cookbook in the oamo Kitchen. Engage in meaningful discussions and connections within our online Sharing Circles in the Room of Emotions or join an online Community Gathering in our Palm Garden, or an online Panel Discussion in The Office. 

Secure your membership now and be a part of this opportunity to a lower price.

This virtual space is where we build lasting connections and support each other's growth.

  • oamo online community

    Free Plan
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